actsacts-hippiesacts-family-tv-showlet-santaHow a person acts depends upon the type of person they truly are. For example, the Hippie generation spent a great deal of time talking about love and peace.  Now these very individuals are in positions of power and yet their words of peace and love seemed to have vanished.  The old TV series, “Family Affair” had an episode about actions and words.  Sissy, the oldest girl, went on a date with a very wholesome clean cut looking boy.  He told her uncle that they were going to a local movie and she would be home by a certain time.  Once outside of the Davis apartment, the boy told Sissy that he wanted to stop by briefly to see a few friends.  Then when the reached the apartment, which was on the east side, he told her it was a party.  She said to him, “You lied to my Uncle Bill.”  He admitted it but said he wanted her to meet a few people.  At first she was stunned as she wasn’t expecting a Hippie ‘pad.’ She was pleasant to all the girls and her date left her alone for a few minutes while he quickly changed into bright printed clothing and a long haired wig.  His vocabulary changed and he began speaking of love, peace, and being free.  His acts from the beginning were deceiving.  The girls suggested that she try out being a Hippie for a week-end and then if she wanted she could move in with them.  When she arrived home she immediately told her uncle the truth.  He was not happy as the boy had lied to his face.  His acts did not speak well for him.  He told her she could make the decision to try it for a week-end.  When Friday rolled around, she was all set in Hippie style clothing. The friends arrived and met her brother and sister.  Of course, the young children asked them to play with them, so they did.  When it was bedtime, Sissy decided to put the children to bed.  The Hippies thought it was unfair that the children had to go to bed and continued playing the game.  When Sissy tucked in her little sister she said a few things that amazed her.  The little girl said that her friends were okay but that all their talk about love, freedom and peace was just talk.  It was the acts of their Uncle who gave up everything to give them a home was real love and that was what was truly important.  The writers left you in suspense until the man servant, Mr. French, inquired of the Uncle as to when Sissy would return.  At that moment she appeared in her nightgown, kissed them both on the cheek, said thank you and returned to bed.  The story moved me as it is really true that actions and behavior do speak louder than words.  The actions of the citizens of Pecos are kind, considerate and favorable towards each other.  It’s important in the Good Gus Series  that the young readers experience positive acts with fun stories.  The four published books of the series along with “The Special Gift” are available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If the acts of people around you are disturbing, take a few moments and read “Misplaced Trust.” It is available on Kindle, Nook, Apple, and several popular e-book websites.