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Whenever you come across unusual behavior or unexplained actions, if you are looking for the answer it’s simple, “It’s all about the money.”  No matter what the circumstances, if there is anything in anyway even if it isn’t in the forefront, it will always be all about the money.  For example, there are individuals who are unsuitable parents as well as poorly behaved husbands and wives.  Yet, when one or both decide to divorce every discussion, every fight, every time they go into court it is always all about the money.  Remember the movie, “Liar, Liar?”  That woman didn’t care about her children.  All she cared about was how much money she would receive and how to continue her lavish lifestyle.  The dad really loved the children and wanted them, yet, for her, the money was everything.  It is deplorable.  The people who win in these situations are the attorneys.  Before the real estate crash, which started in the United States, and then eventually  spread around the world, people were borrowing and buying including many individuals who really couldn’t afford to.  There were people who would come into the office and have just purchased a holiday home, a second home for rental income, etc.  Miss Patty and I wondered how they could do it.  Then, when the crash hit, we knew.  The mortgage company employees were becoming wealthy knowing full well that they were putting through bad loans.  The interesting part for the employees was that they didn’t have to return their commissions.  Many were prosecuted and some even went to jail.  Many businesses failed because of the cheating. This was not only in the United States, but the same occurred in Ireland.  People were purchasing homes with no money down and then renting them.  When repairs were necessary, they just didn’t bother until the appropriate agency was called to force them to do the right thing.  Again, though, it was all about the money.  Everyone who invested in real estate was sure that they would become wealthy.  Money is important.  Our economies are based on it and it is essential to live.  Yet, for some, only the money matters.  Individual’s feelings, lying, cheating, stealing, or even the consequences of their actions don’t seem to matter.  In the Good Gus series, it was never all about the money.  There isn’t a single book with money as a theme.  (books now available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.) In “Misplaced Trust,” many of the stories are indeed all about the money.  (books available on popular e-book websites.)