There is a show on the BBC that is very old entitled “Keeping Up Appearances.”  PBS still airs it even though it is a very old show.  The old saying”appearances can be deceiving” is still true today.  It is a sad commentary for today’s society that individuals are judged by their appearance.  Statistics have proven that a Human Resources Manager regardless of education, ethnicity or background instantly judge a candidate based on their appearance.  It should be the quality of their experience or skills.  In life generally appearances matter.  There are individuals who lease large homes, expensive cars, and even clothes just to impress.  They believe that their appearances are more important than who they are as individuals.  It is true, though, if you are on an interview you should be wearing a leather belt with leather shoes and if you are a woman a leather purse.  It obviously works for many people and if the statistics are accurate, their idea is correct.  People do discriminate against almost anyone’s appearance.  It is understandable if a person doesn’t bathe and individuals cannot stand to be near them.  However, if children discriminate because their families are wealthy it is an unhealthy trait.  Many people work hard to support their families.  They shouldn’t be discriminated against because they wear used clothing.  Their families are doing their best to make sure they are clothed.  Life isn’t always easy for individuals.  We all try to do our best but losing our jobs, a recession, or financial issues can affect anyone.  Often situations occur and the effects transition our lives.  In the Good Gus series many children wore hand me downs.  Their appearances were not recognized as something negative.  It was just how life was in the old west.  The children in the series accepted their classmates and neighbors without even thinking about their appearances.  That is why the series, available on Kindle is ideal story time reading giving children good moral lessons.  Your children may enjoy Mae’s Story Time on You Tube.  If at the end of your day people have judged you by you or your family’s appearances, remember they are the fools.  Take a reading break with “Misplaced Trust” to help you further your thoughts.  It is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.