When you hear the word blind, you automatically think of a person who has no vision or can partially see.  In today’s modern world, blind children and adults have a much fuller life due to advances in technology.  In the past, they were relegated to jobs they could master such as making items while sitting in a chair.  Today, they are able to work in  all forms of industry.  I once wrote to the National Federation for the Blind suggesting that I read my books to the children.  Their response was curt and they basically stated that the children needed to learn how to read.  We all learned how to read by siblings and adults reading books to us.  It helped us learn words and by association it helped us read.  The word blind is also used in a variety of other ways.  Often individuals say, without thinking, to another if they can’t find or see something that is right in front of them they ask, “What are  you blind?”  It is inconsiderate and thoughtless.  There are people who have a blind eye as to what goes on around them or in their lives.  Rather than face reality, they pretend whatever is happening isn’t, or a negative situation doesn’t really exist.  It can be easy if a person cannot face a situation but it never solves anything.  Often people are thoughtless when it comes to a seeing eye dog.  They think that it is fine to pet it or talk to it.  They are working dogs who have been trained at great expense to assist people who have vision problems or are blind.  Yet, many people just start talking, often in a loud voice to a person who cannot see and stroking their dog.  It sends mixed signals to the animal as he or she have been taught to focus on their master and their job.  There is not a single character in the Good Gus Series that is blind.  There is a girl in a wheelchair who cannot walk, Katie.  Rather than be over helpful or treat her like an invalid, the children in several stories just assume she can play just not the same as them.  They treat her as an equal which is important and gives the lesson to the children that even if a child cannot see they can still be their friend and play with them.  The books are available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you are managing a will, trust, or the finances of a person who is depending upon you, don’t turn a blind eye if there are irregularities.  Instead, read “Misplaced Trust” to gain insight and helpful tips on how to deal with any problems you may encounter.  It is available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several popular e-book websites.