jolie-pittdivorceOnce again the internet and news is fill with celebrity divorce. This time it is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  The articles are coming fast and furious as to who is to blame, why it happened, how they will split their vast fortunes, etc.  In addition, there was an article, that I did not read, on how to cope with their divorce.  What is wrong with the media?  Two famous rich people are divorcing.  It occurs everyday in courts around the globe, yet in the United States when celebrities divorce, the world needs to know everything.  Is the media so desperate that they have to focus exclusively on celebrity divorce?  The Jolie Pitt break-up should remain private.  Yet many people have no lives and are such devoted fans that it is imperative that they know every piece of gossip and all the details.  Rather than celebrity divorce, these individuals should start a hobby, join a club or group and do something active.  Brad Pitt has asked the media for privacy for the sake of the children.  Sadly, not one photographer, celebrity journalist, or possibly anyone  wanting  their fifteen minutes of fame will listen and head his request.  What is worse is that celebrities are taking sides and putting their opinions on the internet so that they can be noticed as well.  Divorce is not a joke and shouldn’t be a media circus.  When two individuals end a relationship, particularly with children involved, it should be addressed privately, fairly and with respect to all parties concerned.  Unfortunately, that rarely happens.  If you look at any large divorce firm, you will see that they charge extremely high fees and as individuals, are quite wealthy.  It’s big business.  The attorneys for the Joli Pitt divorce are probably already planning what they will do with the millions they will make from their fees.  In the Good Gus Series there is no celebrity divorce as there were no real celebrities.  (available on Kindle) Interestingly enough, celebrity divorce is not a chapter in “Misplaced Trust.”