As children we loved coloring books. Apparently, it is becoming popular again for adults. Obviously, we had fun with our children and/or grandchildren teaching them to color between the lines, how to shade and emphasize certain items on the books.  We taught our children to use crayons, water colors, markers, and anything that made colors that was washable.  Our biggest concerns beyond learning was the clean up and stains.  In school, we were taught to use all types of paint including finger which was fun. Part of the lessons in art was also  learning how to draw.  Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, many schools no longer offer art in the elementary grades.  It was a relaxing activity that we all enjoyed.  Now, however, stores are carrying adult coloring books for grown-ups.  The adult coloring books help to de-stress.  It forces one to focus  once again to color in between the lines, shade, etc.  It’s a simple activity that allows adults to take a few minutes to unwind.  It doesn’t require anything except the coloring books and the medium you choose.  If you think about it, its an activity you can do anytime.  Once you have the supplies, you don’t have to go anywhere, take time to set up something elaborate, or even clear a huge space to do it.  Basically, as you color your mind can clear and you forget what is going on around you and even how difficult things might be.  We enjoyed it as children, why not as adults?  Lest you forget, paint by the numbers is also still available!  As coloring books were invented in the early 1900’s, they weren’t part of the Good Gus Series.  As all the scary commercials and ads appear for Halloween, remember the series is always available on Kindle to give your child happy thoughts.  After you try the adult coloring books, I hope you will consider as part of your reading list, “Misplaced Trust” which available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.