There are very few people that you can count on in life. It is usually when the chips are down that a person discovers who their real friends are and whom they can count on.  This also pertains to family as well.  At the moment, there is a family I know that is having difficult times.  The adult children have various issues including their father who has terminal cancer.  When one member was moving, there was no one available to help.  So, instead of being able to count on family or friends, they had to rely on paid strangers from ads in newspapers.  What was worse is that they could barely afford it.  I recently discovered that another family I know has so much in-fighting that they are barely talking to each other if at all.  What ever happened to the being able to depend on your family?  It seems to have disappeared when each member went their separate ways to build new lives.  Have you ever noticed that when times are good everyone is your friend?  Yet, have a few bad breaks, lose your income, find it difficult to land another permanent job or have a business fail, and suddenly the so called friends and even family are nowhere to be found.  They are suddenly too busy, no longer taking your calls and in general avoiding you as if you contacted the plague. There are things in everyday life that we all want to count on.  We depend upon our jobs for income, possibly a vehicle or public transportation to earn a living and/or to shop, groceries filled with safe food, medical facilities and government personnel, and so much more.  When any one sector breaks down, it wreaks havoc.  Apparently, the weather is playing a key role during this holiday season for many individuals.  There were countless accidents with fatalities around the United States this past week-end.  There is an Arctic cold through the entire country causing a variety of problems.  It appears that strangers are helping one another along with a several  medical and government agencies stepping in with assistance.  It is one of those times when individuals literally count on one another to make it through bad situations.  I hope everyone reading this blog today does have family and friends that they can count on during both the good and bad times. In the Good Gus series there were several weather events.  Yet, the citizens of Pecos knew that they could not only count on Sheriff Gus but their families and neighbors.  It is an important lesson for young readers.  Christmas is only five days away.  Time to place your order on Kindle for “The Special Gift” so that you can start a new family tradition on Christmas Eve.  It is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you are in the United States and don’t want to venture out into the cold, shop on line for “Misplaced Trust” at Kindle, Nook, Apple and several other popular e-book websites.