customs-restaurantmy blue heaven Each individual country has its own customs.  Recently I was watching a show in the United States entitled “House Hunters International.”  It is a regular series on HGTV which is a cable station.  A couple was moving from Arizona to County Kildare, Ireland which is the next county over from Dublin.  The husband had an opportunity to leave Arizona for a new position.  He said on the show that the state had two temperatures, “hot and hotter.”  What amazed me was that the family was going to Ireland not only for financial reasons, but for the new adventure of living in another country.  They liked the greenery, but as with every country they have their own customs.  What amazed me about the wife was she was only interested in Americanized homes.  In other words, she wanted everything from the states for her home, even though that isn’t the Irish way.  Ireland does have many of the U.S. conveniences as does a fair amount of Europe,  but that isn’t the point. If a person plans to move to another country, they should embrace the customs of that country.  In many countries tipping at restaurants is not part of their customs.  When an individual travels to another country,  they really should read about that country’s customs.  For example,  tipping in a restaurant in the United States is their custom.  The individuals who work in restaurants do not make huge sums of money so they count on tips.  The acceptable custom for tipping is fifteen percent, but most people give twenty.  It is discouraging to a server to do a good job for a table which may have a high bill, and then receive a few coins as a tip for their good service.  My late aunt believed in tipping everyone, not just in restaurants.  As a result, she was always treated well and when she sold her home and lived in an apartment, if she had any issues, the staff would assist her first.  In the Steve Martin movie, “My Blue Heaven,” he had the exact same attitude and in the story he wrote a book about it.  People need to feel appreciated at all times,  It only takes a few minutes to be kind.  If a person can afford to eat at a restaurant, then they should allot part of their spending for a tip.  In the Good Gus Series, the customs in Pecos were simple.  They believed in treating each other with kindness and lending a hand whenever necessary.  I never wrote about paying or tipping in any of the stories at Mary’s Cafe’.  Valentines Day will be here before you know it and the best gift for a young child is reading.  The published books are available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  “Misplaced Trust” is also a fine gift for an adult reader and it is available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several popular e-book websites.