decisionlet-santaexpert988406_565039846922270_34848742_n When most people think about making an important choice in their lives, they usually don’t consider the decision process. Many people base  their decisions  on emotions or decide at the spur of the moment.  There is actually a decision process that should be considered before making a large purchase such as a home or an automobile.  It is also applicable to accepting a new position, getting married, relocating to a new city, and anything else that is really important in life.  As far as large purchases are concerned, there are a few steps.  First one must consider if they need a particular item.  Then they should consider how much it will cost them over time particularly if they finance it such as a home or a vehicle.  If it is a home, the location is extremely significant as it could affect many aspects of a person’s life.  For example, if they drove to work, then how long would the commute be; is it convenient to shops, schools, and recreational areas, etc.  Most people only take into account how much they love a particular home.  However, there is more to it than good looks.  You need to consider the appliances that are included, any upgrades or repairs, and what might be necessary in the immediate and foreseeable future.  To make the purchase and then discover that the plumbing is inferior and the cost is in the thousands, wouldn’t be a good way to start off.  Everyone should have a home inspection by a licensed contractor that includes electrical, plumbing, the foundation, and consideration for the age of the domicile.   If it is a vehicle, what condition is the car in,; how many miles or kilometers on the odometer;  is the body in good shape, does it have a warranty and if so, what does it include and disallow; and of course, the all important miles or kilometers it meets to the gallon or liter, etc.  It is also important to verify the repairs that have been made.  Many individuals who are not mechanics, take the car for a test drive and then have it checked out by an independent mechanic.  That way they truly know if the brakes will go soon, the transmission, or any other parts that could be quite costly that would definitely not be covered under the warranty.  Once you establish everything above, then seek legal advice to verify the contract, your rights and if there are any hidden contingencies. Once you have collected all the facts, then you can make an intelligent choice that is best for you.    In the Good Gus Series, Sheriff Gus followed the decision process in several stories to help the citizens learn and understand particularly during weather events.  Only ten days until Christmas so avoid the malls and shops and order “The Special Gift” for all the young readers on your list.  It is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you have been put in charge to make important decisions about another person’s finances, property, or health, please consider reading “Misplaced Trust” which is available on Nook, Kindle, Apple and several popular e-book websites.