christopherleft out kidWheelchair_with_writing_desk_and_umbrellaMany adults and children are considered disabled for a variety of reasons and conditions.  For many individuals it is difficult to comprehend.  For example, there is a children’s show on Netflix, “Clifford’s Puppy Days” that addresses the issue with children in at least two stories.  One story is about the dogs going to the beach with their children owners.  They meet a dog who only has three legs.  The female dog which is a poodle is afraid to play with the dog missing one leg. She felt that somehow she might catch whatever he had and make her lose a limb.  Clifford doesn’t want to play too hard in case the other dog can’t handle it.  In the end, the story proves that just because the dog had a disability, he was still able to run, jump and play like the other dogs.  A second episode included a basketball game.  The three main characters, Emily Elizabeth, Nina and their friend Shun who loves basketball, decide to play a game.  The resident neighbor, who writes children’s books and is in a wheelchair, said he would help them find three more players.  When the children arrived at the gym, three other children in wheelchairs were waiting for them.  At first they looked stunned which is great for a cartoon.  However, the children learned quickly how to play the game a little differently and everyone had a wonderful time.  Today, a New Jersey dad posted on Facebook a brief article about his son.  The dad went to the back to school night for parents.  He was taking pictures of his son’s accomplishments when he was suddenly struck by a poster entitled, “The Inside Scoop,” ‘Fascinating facts about yours truly.”  What broke his heart was one simple question, “Who are your friends?”  His son’s answer was no one.  The boy has autism and possibly he is facing what many people who are disabled face, discrimination.  He is eleven and has never had a friend. Most people when they hear the word discrimination think of rejecting a person based on their appearance, religion, color of their skin, or ethnicity.  However, disabled children and adults are discriminated against everyday for something that is not their fault.  There should be more compassion and understanding taught and learned by everyone.  In the Good Gus Series, Book twenty-two, “The Field Trip,” a new character is introduced.  Her name is Katie and she is in a wheelchair.  The twins, J.C and Bronco, along with Frankie meet her prior to her first day at school.  They all like her and when Sheriff Gus rides with them, along with her brother Andy, they all argue as to who will carry her in and bring her wheelchair.  Sheriff Gus determines it will be him and all the children stare as he walks in and sets her down in her wheelchair.  Frankie becomes annoyed and stands up and says, “What are you all staring at?  She is just a girl.”  It was a lesson to show the children that disabled or not, we are all the same.  Hopefully, as you peruse the e-book websites looking for a new and interesting books, your internet won’t be disable and you will decide to read “Misplaced Trust.”