DIY clothesDIY men workingThere is an old saying, “If you want to do something right, do it yourself.” It is correct in some instances, but not always.  There are generations that believe that only they can do things correctly.  They fail to teach the younger generations valuable lessons so they end up not learning and being trained properly.  There are countless families where one member finds it easier to simply do it themselves rather than take the time to teach and help their children learn.  For example, many years ago mothers didn’t teach their sons how to cook, sew, or clean.  As a result, many wives were not only full time housekeepers and mothers, but also employed outside the home.  They literally had no free time.  Smart women, however, taught their husbands the basics so rather than let things slide, they learned how.  Do it yourself home shows are very popular around the globe.  Often, individuals build a business on learning do it yourself repairs and then do the work for other people who do not have the time, inclination or the skills.  With the advent of You Tube, many people learn how to make their own home repairs and are true DIY.  The internet and You Tube also teaches individuals who may not really have the skills but also don’t have the money for an expensive repair that they do and may not cost them that much.  Do it yourself is so popular that there are TV shows that have  multi-million viewers and  are huge money makers for cable stations.  Many individuals do make renovations and learn by taking classes so that they can do a decent job and possibly raise the value of their home.  In the workplace, many individuals who wish to protect their jobs, will not teach their workmates how to handle projects so that they can always be the one to do the tasks.  In the end, though, they are less likely to be promoted as they spend too much time doing the work that could be delegated if they had taken the time to teach a co-worker.  Some companies compartmentalize positions and never think beyond having a second person trained in a specific area as a back up.  They tend to handle things if a person is out sick,  or on holiday.  It’s not until that person quits or has an accident do the managers realize that they really needed to train others and not do all the work themselves.  In the Good Gus Series, everyone was obviously a do it yourself type of person.  There really were no options.  Do yourself a favor and try reading a new type of book, “Misplaced Trust.”  Books available on e-book websites.