eating better schooleating aloneThere are many people around the world who are eating alone everyday.  They often can’t be bothered to cook for themselves so they buy precooked meals or take away.  There are programs for older people such as Meals on Wheels where volunteers bring meals to individuals living alone. There are individuals who dine alone every night at restaurants.  They bring a book, or a tablet with earphones and eat quietly.  There are a few people who prefer eating alone.   Today there was an article today on the internet about a girl in California, Natalie Hampton.  When she was in the seventh grade, she sat alone at lunch time every day during the entire school year.  She didn’t want this to happen to other teens, so she created an app “Sit with Us’ which allows other people to join others for lunch without the fear of rejection.  It is a sad situation when teens won’t allow others to sit at their table.  You have seen it in movies and probably television shows.  A person approaches a table and someone seated says, “You can’t sit here.”  If the person says, “Why not? No one is sitting there.” The reply will be that they are saving it, or if an individual tries to sit down they quickly slide to that spot and say, “Taken”  or worse, “You are not welcome at our table.” Bullying comes in many forms but forcing teens to eat alone shouldn’t be one of them.  They have to feel isolated, and have that horrible feeling in the pit of their stomach.  Natalie has been able to overcome her rejection and bullying to not only start the app, but to make everyone aware that eating alone is very unpleasant at school.  This occurred when I was in school.  What is truly sad is some girls brought a sandwich and ate in the ladies room rather than face the rejection. In today’s society, the internet helps to make everyone aware of bullying in any and all forms.  In the Good Gus Series, the only bully was Bad Bart in book one.  (available on Kindle) If you are eating alone with your tablet, I hope you will consider reading  “Misplaced Trust.” (available on many e-book websites)