Emotional stress is a byproduct of our daily lives.  We all have learned to cope with it.  It’s unfortunate, because we really shouldn’t have to learn to handle emotional stress.  Between technology, the stress placed upon us to succeed financially in a big way,  traffic just to get to work and family responsibilities, it’s no wonder we all even function.  Emotional stress truly affects our mental health if we don’t pay attention to it.  There are several ways that it can affect you.  For example, what is quite surprising is grinding your teeth.  It can occur when you are awake or asleep.  What is worse is that it can cause headaches, damage to your teeth, and affect your jaw.  It becomes a physical outlet for your body and primarily happens while you are sleeping.  Many people under severe stress have almost an extreme lack of energy.  They seem unable to do anything.  It makes them feel tired.  Once again, that cortisol in your bloodstream mimics physical activity so that one’s breathing and heart rate increase.  There are individuals who sleep to help hide their emotional stress.  However, there are others who have insomnia as they simply cannot calm down.  Then, there is stress eating.  Some eat everything in site, while others don’t eat at all.  Another thing I have found is that people who have emotional stress are always sick.  Whether it is for attention, or that their bodies simply break down, I’m not sure.  If a man or woman goes through a divorce and children are involved, the emotional stress is overwhelming. Anyone you know who has gone through this probably has all the symptoms I just mentioned.  They may need your help in coping and seeing what is really happening to them.  It’s very difficult.  This is also true of the families and friends who lost loved ones in the Las Vegas massacre.  In the Good Gus series, no one really had emotional stress.  There are stories that include weather incidents that cause temporary stress, but it is always resolved positively.  I hope as the calm down time approaches for your children to go to sleep, you will read the series from your tablet on Kindle.  If you are dealing with emotional stress, a good read such as “Misplaced Trust” may help to take your mind off of it.  It’s available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.