Many individuals only exercise as the warm weather approaches or they want to look good for holiday parties. The average person rarely exercises every day.  Many people believe that if they look good and feel healthy that exercise is not necessary.  Unfortunately, they are wrong.  There are also individuals who who actually criticize others for participating in fitness programs.  Being physically fit is important our entire lives.  Many people do not think they need to start a fitness program unless they have a health issue and their doctor tells them.  Sadly, some people start an exercise program when they are in the fifties or if they get divorced.  Often it is not about being and feeling healthy it is more about how they look.  There are a number of things that happen to a person’s body if they stop exercising.  As children we didn’t need a program to being physically healthy.  We played outdoors, participated in sports and walked almost everywhere.  There are gyms around the globe and probably thousands of people who have made their fortunes with exercise programs and physical fitness techniques.  However, once a person reaches their goal weight or the health scare disappears, they stop.  What happens to their bodies?  The first thing is that their blood pressure will increase, sometimes to a high level.  Then their muscle mass decreases.  When they are no longer hitting the gym, working out at home or walking, they gain wight and body fat.  Sitting in front of the TV snacking is a fast way to increase that waistline.  Then their blood sugar increases which as I wrote about yesterday can lead to Type Two Diabetes.  Lastly, the mental benefits from exercise cannot be ignored.  Exercise improves one’s mood, suppresses chemicals in the brain that cause depression by releasing chemicals that reduces or lessens depression.  You will not only miss that post exercise high, but you will began to feel irritable and self conscious as you pack on the weight and lose strength.  A friend of mine who is eighty walks every day.  One time there was a meeting with many of his colleagues.  As they began straggling into the room, one individual asked where my friend was as he didn’t see his car.  The response was that he was walking to the meeting.  The person was astonished as he said it was thirteen miles or 20.921472 kilometers.  That is why today, at eighty, he is still in excellent health.  In the Good Gus Series, daily exercise was a way of life.  The series is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If the heirs of a will or trust are getting you down, take a break and exercise.  You can easily find the book on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several popular e-book websites which will make the time go by quickly.