family-of-4family-asianfamily-3 Everyone is part of a family even if they choose not to associate  with them.We all started out with one, but for some individuals their parents couldn’t handle it so they were given up for adoption.  Most parents hope their child will have a better life.  Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, girls in trouble were sent away if they boy wouldn’t marry them.  By the 1960’s the world became more liberal and the unwed mother wasn’t shunned quite so much.  Today couples have children and never marry but they are still a family.  Families can be difficult at times.  Certain members could be more demanding than others, they could be a favorite and treat their siblings in a poor manner or they just have so many  jealousy issues that they cannot get along. An only child, for the most part, is always the favorite. Although have I have met families that even with the one child, no one is happy.  When I wrote “Misplaced Trust” it was because I would tell stories all the time about my work as a Paralegal.  What was always so amazing is that families that ate breakfast everyday, enjoyed holidays, and family trips, suddenly when one or more parents were gone, their automatic greed took over.  It is almost shocking what people will do for money.  Suddenly, they are no longer a family but rivals in a battle. Trickery is only part of what family member do just to get their hands on the money.  It is not exclusive to families either.  There are  health caretakers who will come along when they find an older man and convince them that their families hate them and before you know it, the mum or dad is living with the caretaker and their money is being squandered and slowly disappearing.  Once the money is gone, they find a way to let the families know that they can collect their sick parent.  It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.So when you are looking for new and interesting reading, please consider “Misplaced Trust,” which is available on all popular e-book websites.  In the Good Gus Series, there were a few families that had  only one parent.  Yet, as a community, they all felt like family to each other.  Remember, Christmas will be here before you know it.  “The Special Gift” in the series is now available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.