fed-upfed-up-blue-picDo you ever just get fed up with everything? There are days when dealing with businesses that you realize you can’t solve an issue because half the employees are hidden behind voicemail.  For example, today I needed a copy of my August bill for my mobile phone.  I went on the internet and found their website.  I logged in and then it began.  No matter which choice I made, it was wrong.  Telephoning them seem to be a better option.  Again, you are shifted from extension to extension with no live body and then as I did, you become fed up.  Next, was the online chat at the site.  How difficult can it be to ask the simple question of how to print the previous month’s bill?  Wrong again.  After forty minutes, I was so fed up that I stopped the chat.  When I received the usual text of “How are we doing?” my reply was “horrible.”  Needless to say, they did not text back.  The final option was to actually drive to the phone store and have them print it out, which they did.  Often when you try to reach a company to ask a questions or find an answer, you never speak to a real person.  In some cases, if you do speak to a live body, they are not in the country you are.  This is a fact that many companies feel that  it is far more cost effective to use individuals from other countries, who often do not speak your native tongue clearly, and once again being fed up, aggravated and sometimes furious are how people feel.  What is worse is that in some countries where it would be to their advantage to keep the jobs within their borders, the profits far outweigh the consideration for the local economy.  If the CEO’s thought about it, they might recognize that employing local, well trained citizens, would lead to an increase in sales and generate a better cash flow.  After all, people with jobs, do spend money.  In the Good Gus series, no one is actually fed up with their fellow citizens.   (Good Gus books now available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  Please check out “The Special Gift.”  It could be your new favorite for Christmas.) If you are fed up with the same old books, try “Misplaced Trust.” (available on all popular  e-book websites.)