When you are food shopping with dieting in mind, it can be a long drawn out process . One of my favorite adverts  for diets are “Beat Belly Fat” which come in a variety of forms.  What are the latest food shopping trends keeping diets in mind?  Here is a list of the top ten for 2017:  DASH Diet, Mediterranean Diet, MIND Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, TLC Diet, Volumetrics Diet, Weight Watchers Diet, The Fertility Diet, the Flexitarian Diet, Dr. Weils’ Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Jenny Craig, Ornish Diet, the Traditional Asian Diet and Vegetarian Diet.  In the past there were more weight loss gimmicks such as “How to Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Minutes.”  Were they kidding?  There is also among some of the food trends and diets the various numbers of foods you shouldn’t eat.  When selecting products while food shopping  consider organic.  It was recently posted that many foods from China are filled with pesticides.  They haven’t even begun to address the issue.  The Eurozone is quite particular about the pesticides allowed in their countries.  The United States tries but they export a fair amount of foods from China.  Consider this when food shopping.  Tilapia is grown literally in waste water which is obviously toxic.  The same is true with cod fish.  I didn’t realize that apple juice produced in China  is not only filled with toxins but pesticides as well.  Processed mushrooms are contaminated.  Their garlic is sprayed with toxic chemicals and leave an aftertaste.  Their chicken carries food-born illnesses and the  avian flu.  They also sell plastic rice that is made from the resin from potatoes.  You have to be careful how you heat it and it doesn’t break apart like real rice.  The long term effects are said to be cancer.  They also sell mud and call it black pepper.  Seriously, mud?  They use industrial salt which is supposed to be used be for commercial purposes and sell it as table salt.  Their green peas are actually soy with a green dye and a sodium type bleach. So the next time you are doing food shopping avoid all food trends and diets and read every label of every food you purchase.  In the Good Gus Series as you all know the food shopping  was in the residents gardens with only natural pesticides.  The series is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  After your trip to the grocery food shopping and your exhaustion from reading all the labels, relax with a cool drink and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.