memgories-behindgood-memories-signmemories-food Everyone needs good memories. Sadly, not everyone has them.  As the holiday season approaches, there are many individuals who really don’t have good memories.  They are what helps us make it through the difficult times.  When a person passes, everyone talks about their good memories with that person.  If they were unpleasant most of their lives, then I guess anyone who remembered him or her would think twice about even paying their respects.  As children we have many good memories, and some not so hot.  Our parents and relatives certainly tried to give us happy times, great birthdays and wonderful holidays including Christmas.  It’s not just about the gifts.  It’s more about feeling really good and positive inside.  For example, cooking with a parent to give food baskets to family, friends, neighbors and those in need.  You cannot put a price tag on that type of positive memory.  We learn and then pass it along to our children and even our friends. As we teach our life lessons, we not only make new good memories for ourselves, but also for others.  When people travel or go on holiday, their photo’s, videos, etc. generally tell a happy story and provide the reminders of positive memories and having a really good time.  Good memories also come from your first date, first kiss, first dance, getting married, buying your first home and having children.  That is the fabric of our lives.  However, there are those individuals who are so unhappy that they try to destroy all the wonderful memories in our hearts.  They must figure that because they are miserable so should everyone else be as well.  Don’t ever allow anyone to take that from you.  Have you ever noticed at family gatherings there is always one or two individuals who are so unpleasant that they try to rewrite history and claim that all the positive occurrences were in reality negative? Even when people have arguments, they tend to take the good and turn it into the bad. The Good Gus Series stories have many good memories for the young readers. Don’t forget that the Christmas book, “The Special Gift” is now available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  It would be a wonderful book for a new family tradition.  In “Misplaced Trust,” the very first chapter discusses the good memories families had and how it all suddenly disappeared because of money and greed. The book is available on several popular e-book websites including Kindle, Nook and Apple.