holding-a-grudgeholding-grudges-signgg1-300x254let-santa Many people often hold a grudge against another person. It could be because of something that occurred or simply a perceived insult.  There are people who may hold a grudge for many years and then when a person becomes ill, re-evaluates their life, or a tragedy occurs, suddenly a grudge becomes insignificant.  A friend of mine’s daughter was furious with her father because he wouldn’t give her a loan.  He had given her large sums of money in the past, but he finally decided she need to be responsible and pay him back.  She was furious and didn’t speak to him for over three years.  Her brother sympathized with her until his father-in-law passed and then he realized the whole holding a grudge was a stupid idea.  He began speaking to their father and eventually she came around and recognized that he was not the bank for her.  Many of the old movies had a story line with a grudge between families.  Just recently on an old “Andy Griffith” show had two individuals fell who fell in love and wanted to marry but couldn’t because their families had a long standing feud.  Andy decided to force the heads of the families into a duel.  He told them he had to check their guns and emptied the bullets before returning them to the two men.  He then made them walk three paces with their backs to each other.  They came up with a variety of excuses as they really didn’t want to do it.  When he finally forced them to walk the three paces he shot his gun into the air and they both ran like rabbits.  Eventually, they decided that their children could wed and Andy officiated.  Of course, they never really admitted that the feud was stupid and that they really wanted to end it.  Many individuals have second thoughts about holding a grudge particularly during the holiday season.  It is a positive time for people to start fresh, which also includes the new year.  In the Good Gus Series, the only person with a grudge is Bad Bart.  But, then again, he tends to be mad at everyone.  Christmas is just around t he corner but there is still time to buy any readily book from the series which is exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  For all your e-book friends, “Misplaced Trust” is an ideal gift this holiday season.