halloween-farmhalloween-happyhalloween-kidsHappy Halloween! Today is a fun day for both children and adults in most countries. A few countries like to observe the day of the dead but for the most part most people prefer to celebrate and of course, children all want candy. They love choosing their costumes and trick or treating with their friends.  Adults have parties and dress up, though, not as they did as children.  In some cities, the Halloween hours are set for collecting candy.  In Las Vegas, the malls, large department stores and even the casinos have special hours for the children to visit and trick or treat.  Many years ago, there were a few unsavory individuals who did things to homemade cupcakes and cookies or biscuits that changed it for everyone.  It’s sad because there were many kind people who made wonderful baked goods that are no longer eaten.  The best part about Halloween for me is passing out the candy.  It’s great to see the happy faces and costumes.  There are farms that have pumpkin patches and hay rides.  In Texas, the wagon with hay is pulled by a horse.  However, in many other cities it is pulled by a tractor.  The hay ride in Vegas is pulled by a tractor and actually goes along a road.  The automobiles just stay behind and go slowly until the driver turns it around.  A number of the farms, besides offering the pumpkins, include the produce from their gardens.  Another great favorite is candy apples.  They are wonderful to make and delicious to eat.  Of course, the TV has had scary mvoies for weeks and even the children’s programming have Halloween themes.   I never wrote a Halloween story for the Good Gus Series.  Since I dislike the ghosts and scary aspects of the holiday, I thought it was unnecessary.  Tomorrow in Ireland, the malls will begin displaying their Christmas decorations.  Remember, the Christmas book from the series, “The Special Gift” is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you live in a neighborhood where there are no children, relax and read “Misplaced Trust” on any of the popular e-book websites.