happy-songhappy-exercisehappy-brainRecently there was an article about having a happy brain. It went on to say that there were studies and that the results were relatively important if a person wanted a happy brain.  The first item was listening to upbeat music.  The movie “Despicable Me 2” had a song that became popular around the world.  It was entitled “Happy.” Everyone loved it because it made them feel good inside and positive.  It is frequently played in department stores and malls possibly to inspire shoppers to be happy and make purchases.  There are individuals that have a list of songs that they enjoyed in their youth and currently on their phones and i-pods.  Many individuals listen to music while exercising at the gym which obviously makes the time go faster and more enjoyable.  Another suggestion was to simply smile.  A smile brings out the best in most people and I have often said this in my blogs.  A simple smile can brighten anyone’s day and make a difference for you and them.  The article did stress good sleep and the correct amount for your particular physique.  Some people do not require the full recommended eight hours and others require much more.  Sleep does give your brain time to rest and re-calibrate.  You may have noticed that when you are really tired you do not have a happy brain.   People tend to be irritable and short tempered with a lack of sleep.  Exercise is also a key factor in having a happy brain.  It sends those Endorphins straight to your brain and stimulates positive thoughts. It is probably why after a workout while listening to music people feel happy and much more positive. The study also suggested that a person plan ahead and set up long term goals.  Living in the moment or simply hoping things will  turn around doesn’t inspire anyone.  Sure you may have a great time for a few hours, but then reality sinks in and the same problems you had prior to having fun are still there.  It is important to face difficult situations or sudden changes and figure out the best approach.  It will lead to a happy brain and good thoughts.  The Good Gus Series had many happy individuals, of course, except for Bad Bart.  The books are still available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you find your brain is not happy, consider the distraction of reading “Misplaced Trust” which is also available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several popular e-book websites.