holiday-giftsholiday-presentslet-santa This is the time  of year when people are frantically trying to find the perfect holiday gifts.  They watch the sales, find coupons, look for special discounts, anything to stretch their money just a little bit further.  It isn’t always easy trying to find holiday gifts for everyone on your list.  Some individuals are very difficult to shop for.  They seem to have everything they need and don’t really desire anything special.  Many individuals buy gift certificates, give money, or general gift cards just to make things easy.  Most children look forward to Christmas and charitable organizations around the world do their best to help families in need.  What is disappointing to many parents is that their children want whatever the most popular gift of the season is and then once they use it a few times, it is either broken, or packed into their toy box never to be used again.  The movie “Jingle All the Way” showed the lengths parents will go to buy the gift of the holiday season.  The manufacturers plan this out and advertise heavily beginning in September to make sure that their toy is the most popular of the season.  Recently, on an American TV show, “Fresh Off the Boat,” the episode was a holiday program. The parents, unlike “Home Alone,” didn’t travel across the country, but in this show, they did leave one child at home while they went to the movies.  The mother had received, from one of her clients, passes to the movies.  When they discovered their error, the parents rang their neighbor who went immediately to their home.  The son was extremely upset with his mum and wouldn’t give her a hug when she returned even though she apologized.  She pressured him into choosing special holiday gifts to try and make it up to him.  He found the one present that all young children wanted knowing full well it would be a challenge for his mother.  She was able to procure the gift and he seemed pleased on Christmas Day.  That night as she walked past his room, the present was sitting on his desk.  She complained that he wasn’t playing with it.  He did once and then opened his toy box where she saw previous holiday gifts all unopened and still in their original boxes .  She was devastated.  When she asked him why he explained it to her.  He then told her what he really wanted was to spend more time with her.  It was a great lesson to many people watching the show.  The holiday gifts should include special time with loved ones and possibly planning an outing, a hike, or something that the receiver would really enjoy rather than an item they may not use or even like.  In the Good Gus Series, “The Special Gift,” the present Liam receives is far more valuable than any toy he might desire.  It could be your next family traditional book.  Remember, only nine more days until Christmas and the series is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you are pondering holiday gifts for family and friends, consider “Misplaced Trust” which is available on Apple, Nook, Kindle and many popular e-book websites.