Many jobs around the world are disappearing.  The reason is simple – technology.  There was an article on the internet yesterday giving the reasons why many jobs and professions are disappearing.  For example, watchmakers will be out of business within ten years.  If you are wondering why it is because most people use their phones to tell time.  Personally, I prefer a watch.  They are convenient when you are on a plane, in court, or even in church.  Many people use airplane mode but it may not always work properly.  Many types of print workers will loose to technology.  One of the more obvious jobs that are going away are telephone operators.  Obviously, receptionists will continue to answer phones for  various types of businesses.  However, for the most part, whenever you ring almost anywhere, all you receive is recorded messages with options.  Even then, half the time you never reach a live body.  Often it is extremely frustrating.  Parking enforcement is being replaced by automated systems and surveillance cameras.  Even speeding is recorded on freeways, toll roads, expressways, etc.  Then the lucky recipient has difficulty in fighting it so they simply pay the fine rather than go into court.  That is what the government is hoping for.  It is easy revenue.  Another area that is disappearing is manufacturing jobs.  Robots are replacing humans.  A thought that seemed too far fetched years ago is now a reality.  Even though trains are very popular right now, they are subject to the new technology as well and the loss of jobs.  The locomotive individuals who used to keep the engines going with wood and coal are rapidly disappearing.  Their jobs are becoming obsolete.  The article also said the the post jobs would diminish further or disappear.  We can only assume that there would be no more home delivery.  There was no reasoning as to how people around the world would collect their personal mail.  If we all went to the post everyday, it would be so crowded that it would be a nightmare.  Look how it is like during the holiday season!  In the old west, in the Good Gus series, new jobs developed everyday.  The series is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If your new job is closing out an estate, will or trust, please consider reading “Misplaced Trust” to help guide you through the process with a better understanding of the issues that may occur.  It is available on Nook, Apple, Kindle and several popular e-book websites.