joy-brightjoy-chasejoy-choosing Many of the Christmas cards remind us to feel joy during the holiday season.  As today is the day after and most countries have it as a holiday, then the joy should be extended.  Instead, the roads and public transportation are filled with people returning gifts, exchanging for other items and buying anything that may be marked down further and on sale.  Rather than enjoy the day with family and friends, they are doing what they were doing last week.  They are fighting the crowds, trying to find bargains and in general not really enjoying themselves.  Many of the home pages on the internet are reminding us of the individuals who passed during this year.  They are already discussing resolutions for the coming year.  But, what happened to the joy?  Why does it only barely last one day?  There were many families around the globe yesterday who didn’t celebrate because they couldn’t.  They would have been elated to simply have a hot meal.  For many individuals, the holiday season is not a time of joy.  They may not have any family or worse be in disagreement with them.  Often you hear passers by say, “I can’t wait for Christmas to be over.”  If it takes that much work, then simply stop doing it.  My family had a wonderful day yesterday as I am sure many of you did as well.  There was a movie set in Italy  from 2003 with Diane Lane. She was divorced and had to give up her home to her ex-husband who was already with another woman whom he made pregnant.  She was in Italy because her friend gave her a  plane ticket.  She ended up buying a villa and eventually maded her own family from the new friends and neighbors in her town.  The point is that all of her joy disappeared and once she started over she rediscovered happiness and joy in her life.  During this holiday season, without anything drastic occurring, I hope everyone finds their own joy and are truly happy for the upcoming new year.  The Good Gus Series sold out twice at the Maine Base in San Diego, California.  Remember, they are available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  “Misplaced Trust” was also successful online and is still available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several other e-book websites around the globe.