just ask hugsjust ask  Many people are afraid to just ask anything.  It almost seems ridiculous, yet many individuals are simply afraid to just ask a question, for directions, the price of an item in a store, any issues they may be having at their bank, or even for help if they really need it.  They seem to lack the courage to request information or data.  It certainly doesn’t take much, yet somehow they can’t seem to manage it.  Then there are the people who know an answer say to the price of a car, an item for sale by owner, or even real estate and yet think somehow they can beat the other person down in price.  Often, in many of the home shows, an individual will want a property but only at a really low price.  The house obviously has a current market value, yet they want to do better.  The worst part is that their offer is so low that they insult the owners of the property.  There are individuals who will refuse to deal with that person because they know they are trying to cheat them out of a fair and equitable price.  Somehow they feel they are privileged and therefore should be grated whatever they may ask for. The old saying that men are afraid to just ask for directions is not really true.  Many men no longer feel self conscious about asking as it has been a standing joke.  Of course, now with GPS in cars and on phones, there is no longer the same need.  However, once in a while the GPS sends us down a street with no outlet or asks you to turn where there is no street.  Nothing is infallible. As children we learned to quickly just ask the ever burning question, “Why?”  Some parents today become exacerbated with the continual why for things.  Again, though, many tablets and computers are equipped with encyclopedias which is making the children of today far more intelligent.  They have grater opportunities to learn and self educate.  In the Good Gus Series all a friend or neighbor had to do was just ask and they would help in any way possible.  Just ask yourself if you are tired of reading the same old books with a slight variation of the plot.  Please consider reading “Misplaced Trust” as a new and interesting type of book for your enjoyment.