let-go-scenelet-go-signlet-santa Why is it that people hold grudges simply can’t let go?  They spend time whining and blaming, yet never look at themselves.  Did it ever occur to them that they may be the root cause of whatever is in dispute or wrong?  Disney has a song for their movie, “Frozen,” ‘Let it Go” which is extremely popular.  The star feels that she needs to let go of her pretentious past and live her life in a better way.  However, individuals all have trouble simply letting anything go.  Recently, a Hallmark Christmas movie had a character who let everyone walk all over her.  They imposed upon her in the workplace and she never stood up for herself.  Then, at a Christmas party she met Santa who gave her one wish.  She wanted the courage to speak her mind and not be a push over.  Sure enough, the first time it occurred after her wish was at the party.  Her boss had rejected her idea for a client and then he took all the credit for it publicly.  She was furious and for the first time spoke her mind.  The head of the company realized that she was a rare talent and the next day as she was packing up her things at her desk he asked her to stay with an increase in pay.  They had to travel to a location to then pitch her idea to a wealthy but rude businessman.  When he called her “Sweetheart” which was disrespectful, she let him have it.  He rejected the company and her.  However, as all good Christmas movies by Hallmark, she went back and spoke from her heart to the executive.  He gave her the account and when she returned to work on Christmas Eve she decided to let go of that courage and return to being herself because that was made her happy.  I hope that during this holiday season, anyone who is angry at a family member or a former close friend that they will try to let go of the past and focus on the positive.  In the Good Gus Series, no one had to let go because they didn’t hold any ill will towards each other.  Remember, “The Special Gift” is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide!  In the spirit of letting go, please consider reading “Misplaced Trust.”  It may send you in a different direction.  It is available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several other e-book websites.