planplan-signThere are individuals who have their whole lives mapped out and others who seriously need to make a plan.  For the individuals who either decided their life’s ambitions and goals or had the decision made for them, they need to be aware that circumstances can change everything in a moment’s notice.  Obviously, if a person passes in one’s life, then changes are necessary.  Many of the movies have themes about royalty and being forced to become the king or queen.  They are all upset that before they were even born their parents made a plan for their entire lives.  As with all such stories, the future king or queen come around and follow their parents wishes.  There are parents who hope that their children will make a plan and even follow in their foot steps.  The parents could be professionals or own a business that they wish to pass down.  However, many children who become adults find that if they have lived their lives up to the point that they became grown up and realized that they didn’t want to take the chosen path by their family, their relatives become upset.  They may have spent so much time either in, around or at the business that once they are of age they realize how much they dislike it.  It is difficult for the parents or families to accept.  Early on children need to learn how to make a plan for themselves not only to do homework, but to solve problems, and set up small events in their lives.  They need to figure out how to set the parameters just to do homework and projects so that they aren’t doing it at the last minute and begging their parents for assistance to finish the work and get it in on time.  In the Good Gus Series the children learned the value and importance to make a plan for their lives.The published books are available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  Take the time to make a plan to read “Misplaced Trust” which is available on Nook, Kindle, Apple and several popular e-book websites.