gamesboard-gamesmonopoly-game Yesterday, there was a commercial on television about the game Monopoly. This game used credit cards only and no cash.  I was taken aback as cash has always been a staple of the game and yet now they use devices like a phone and a card.  One of the positive features of Monopoly for children was that by using cash they could learn about counting, the value of money and even budgeting.  The old days of counting on one’s fingers is rapidly disappearing.  The newer generations are certainly technologically advanced but everyone should learn math and be able to use it in any situation.  It is also a game that adults play.  However, the die hard types tend to take it too seriously.  Monopoly also teaches strategy in making purchases.  When playing the game, there are obviously primary locations that a player wishes to own so that they can beat their opponent.  As it is also a game of chance, it teaches everyone a valuable lesson in that when you lose, be graceful but learn from your mistakes.  The lessons can be carried into real life.  There are a variety of games available for children and many will be advertised as the holiday season approaches.  Obviously, there are very simple games for young children.  However, as soon as my children understood enough math, I bought games that inadvertently taught them how to calculate and use their skills.  The new video games that are educational are the latest methods in teaching.  However, the games do not interact on a personal level and therefore, don’t give the children the experience of playing with others.  The old fashioned board games still offer interpersonal action and fun.  Families should institute a family game night.  It would be a great way to create stronger relationships within the family.  Pecos, Texas, in the Good Gus Series did have a monopoly in being one of the safest towns during their era.  “Misplaced Trust” certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on being the best read for e-books, but we are working towards that goal. (books available on popular e-book websites)