Everyone talks about enjoying nature yet most individuals in the world drive or take public transportation. Anyone who lives in the city has to be under a great deal of stress as they are never exposed to nature.  When you spend time outdoors where it is quiet and peaceful your sense of well being seems to return.  It gives you that mental break of continual noise,  air pollution and the general lack of sunshine with the tall buildings.  Being outdoors, according to a study in 2015 which was conducted by Stanford University showed that a simple walk in the woods can lower your risk of depression.  Other research studies have discovered that individuals who live in the country have a twenty percent lower risk of anxiety and forty percent lower risk of mood disorders as opposed to the city inhabitants. Walking in a park is a great way to help reduce brain fatigue according to a British study also in 2015.  It might be a good idea during a lunch break to take a brisk walk in the park.  It will refresh you for the afternoon.  As you stroll through the park, focus on the beauty of of the tress and bushes.  It will change your mood and make you feel more relaxed.  If there isn’t a park near your work or even your home, looking at beautiful landscapes will benefit you.  If you are looking for beautiful landscapes, please check out DianeDube Linblade on Facebook.  In another study, researchers discovered that patients recovering in hospitals healed faster if their view from their room overlooked greenery and trees.  Many people love to watch the ocean either in person or on their computers.  There really is something truly relaxing about the sound of the waves pounding against the sand.  If you are wondering why nature helps it signals your brain as it is soft fascination which is engaging in any enjoyable activity that allows your brain to wander.  The Good Gus series (available on Kindle worldwide) was engrossed in nature.  There was no stress and the children were outside everyday the weather was good.  Try Mae’s Story Time as a quick way to give yourself a break and let your mind wander.  Keep that Christmas list easy for the adults and give “Misplaced Trust” which is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.