popular-dollchfristmaasTurbo-Man What makes anyone or anything popular?  When an item becomes popular it raises the price and demand.  For example, there is always one toy that is popular for children at Christmas.  Once it achieves that status, then every child in that age group makes their parents or family member aware that without that particular toy, there is no point in having Christmas.  The movie, “Jingle All the Way,” is a prime example.  ‘Turbo Man’ was the most popular toy of the season and Arnold had a very tough time trying to buy it.  It’s a great movie, but the point is that people waited in line and acted crazy just so they could buy that toy.  They were obsessed with it.  It is easy to understand that every parent wants to give their child what they want most for Christmas.  However, in the light of day, a child’s life will not be destroyed if they don’t receive the popular gift of the season.  There are many children who hope to only wake up and actually have food on Christmas. When my daughter was young the Cabbage Patch doll was in such demand that it was being sold on the black market.  Seriously, it’s a doll! People paid ridiculous amounts for the dolls. My daughter does have one, but it was not purchased by me.   Electronic firms plan all year for the holiday season.  They want to be the company that offers the best deal on the latest technology gadget be it a phone, i-pad, computer, television, or anything else you can think of.  For many businesses, the holiday season is their make or break for the year.  There are a few times during the year that are popular sales events.  Certain holidays in various countries signal  the best sales of the season whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter.  The Good Gus Series is very popular with young children.  I have read the books, in person, in two countries and all the children loved the stories and wanted more.  Sadly, video games, aliens, monsters, fairies, etc. are more appealing but it seems primarily to the parents.  Sheriff Gus is the popular person in Pecos, Texas and the surrounding areas.  The stories are adventurous and fun reading for young children.  (Books available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.)As the popularity grows for “Misplaced Trust,” it is very exciting! (Books availabe on all popular e-book websites.)