treejeansdoor Very few people have a quiet elegance. Everyone wants to wear the most up to date fashion. Sadly, not all of it is attractive.  It isn’t even necessary to wear expensive clothes to have a quiet elegance about one’s appearance.  The latest fashions with ripped jeans, unnecessary press marks, backwards hats, pants falling down below the waist, and various other styles seem to be worn by many individuals.  Some of the styles are worn by celebrities who are no longer young.  There are individuals both men and women who think that if they dress young they will be hip and noticed.  They probably will be noticed but not in the positive way they were hoping for.  Many of the gossip magazines thrive on older celebrities dressing too young for their age.  They also criticize the celebs who dye their hair various striking colors such aspurple, blue, orange, green, etc. Teens and young adults do it to be noticed.  Then there is the tattoo craze.  Men and women who went their entire lives without ink on their skin suddenly feel the need to look younger, join the up to minute look and get a tattoo.  All it does is make them look like everyone else.  There have been a few times when I have been in a line at a store and the individuals ahead of me were making fun of an older woman with a tattoo.  It was none of their business but that is how they perceive people.  Quiet elegance isn’t just about fashion.  Homes and even nature can have a quiet elegance.  For example, a home with one beautiful large shade tree in the front is gorgeous.  It has the style and grace that makes a home inviting.  The same is true about automobiles.  A Rolls Royce has a quiet elegance.  However, if you have it painted a bright color, change out the rims to something flashy, the car loses its appeal and beauty. Last but not least, there is beautiful art and sculptures that stand out that have that quiet elegance.  A Greek Statue, at one of the art museums at Balboa Park, in San Diego, California comes to mind for me.  What comes to you when you think of those words?  There were many characters who had a quiet elegance about them.  They were Miss Patty, Nurse Joyce, Anna Kelly and Mrs. Anderson.  They were strong ladies forging ahead during both good and bad times.  There is a certain style in the stories in  “Misplaced Trust.”  (books available on popular e-book websites)