A referral, particularly for a position, is a gift. With a referral, a person is walking in with a positive reference. The interviewer will look upon the prospective candidate in a more positive light.  A referral will give a prospective applicant the opportunity to really shine in the interview and discuss their abilities and qualities.  It is easier as the interviewer has previous information.  It is different when a person is sitting in the applicant seat and so nervous that they don’t always remember to feature their best skills and qualities.  One of the worst things about personal interviews is that the person is judged almost instantly by their appearance and demeanor.  Years ago, when I owned my contract engineering firm, almost everyone was hired exclusively by phone.  I never met most of the people and for the most part, they did a wonderful job at each contract.  Some were so good that they were called back every fall as the summer is usually a slow time.  Many individuals do not like to give a referral for almost anything and everything.  For example, an individual is down on their luck and really needs a referral to rent an apartment or house.  If a person knows that they will pay, but do not have the full deposit, it may be that individual’s chance to move into a decent home rather than keep struggling to find a place to live.  Often, this type of individual is living with someone else, sleeping on a relative’s couch or even in a shelter.  Even something as simple for a teenager such as giving another neighbor a referral for a babysitting job, lawn work, tutoring and even light handiwork can help not only the teen but his or her family as well.  The old saying, “Give someone a break” is often all that is needed to turn a life around, help them land a good paying position, or even a place to live.  In the Good Gus Series, the only person who received a referral was Nurse Joyce when she was living in the U.K.  It afforded her the opportunity to begin a new life in Pecos, Texas as the nurse for Dr. Moore.  The series is still available exclusively on Kindle worldwide and would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for young readers.  If you are wondering how you will be able to handle a will, trust or a person’s finances who is ill, take this referral from me and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It is available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several popular e-book websites.