sad-dorian-graysad-girlsanta-clausSpecial Gift, Good Gus Books, Christmas BookMany people are sad during the holiday season.  For some they simply hate the holidays.  For others, they had miserable Christmases growing up, so rather than make new memories, they prefer to live in the past and dwell on the sad times they had.  The lights, decorations and for many, but not all, the smiling faces and wishes of good cheer brighten everyone’s day.  There are also people who become clinically depressed during this time.  They cannot get past previous holidays, and just the thought of celebrating or being joyful towards another individual is too much.  Often you hear people say that they can’t wait for the season to be over.  Then they can get back to their daily routine.  Yet, why is their daily routine so important?  Why can’t they enjoy each day of the season rather than remain sad or depressed?  Many individuals cannot appreciate the happiness and good cheer that is offered.  There are also the people who know that this time of year will be difficult.  It’s the also the time when people are begging and asking for money.  There are countries that provide temporary shelters and food to help families and individuals to at least try to not make the holidays not be quite as difficult and sad.  Anyone who is alone during the season may consider volunteering at a nursing home, shelter, orphanage or even a hospital.  Rather than feel sad, they could easily make another person’s day brighter and at least for a little while feel happy.  When people feel sorry for themselves, or continue to be the rude and obnoxious individuals they are during the rest of the year, it tends to make it worse for anyone around them.  It goes beyond the Grinch.  They are so steeped in self pity that rather than make others around them feel good, they prefer to extend their misery as far as it will go.  Wrong, but yet they don’t seem to be able to rise above it.  The holiday season is a happy time in the Good Gus Series.  “The Special Gift” which by the way completely sold out at the Miramar Marine Base, in San Diego California, is still available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  The shelves are being restocked with more of the series Christmas book. If you are feeling sad and find your life difficult, take a few moments to read “Misplaced Trust.”  It is also available on Kindle, Nook, Apple, and several other popular e-book websites around the globe.