sick-facesick-childsick-airplaneAs the seasons change everyone seems to be sick.  The grocery stores carry disinfectant wipes for the trolleys or carts, yet the germs continue to spread everywhere.  A doctor in Ireland told me that germs are spread a variety of ways.  They are carried by individuals flying from different areas when they know they shouldn’t; individuals who are careless and just can’t be bothered and spread their germs by not sanitizing; and the winds.  It all seems plausible.  In the workplace, particularly in confined areas, the spreading of bacteria and germs leads to everyone catching whatever is going around.  That’s when sick days are quite handy.  Many individuals cannot accumulate sick days and end up losing pay.  There are also the individuals who have accumulated sick days and just use them as paid days off.  In some companies and government jobs, the sick days are simply paid days whether you use them for being sick or to spend a few days on holiday.  Being ill isn’t fun for anyone.  Of course, in schools, the germs spread rapidly.  Many years ago, when a severe strain of the flu was spreading like wildfire, the schools were not allowing the children to touch the banisters or railing to the stairs.  They also had the janitor wiping down everything in between classes, recess and lunch.  It helped. The children learned to keep clear of germs without becoming obsessed about getting sick.  During the cold and flu season, several individuals I know, carry sanitizing wipes to wipe down their immediate area on a plane, train, and bus.  Considerate individuals   make sure they are not contagious once they contract an illness by not going out in public, to work, or the stores in order to prevent the spread of whatever condition they may have.  It is especially important to be thoughtful when ill for anyone who has an autoimmune disease.  Once they become ill, it lasts three times as long as it does for everyone else.  In the Good Gus Series, there are stories that include being sick.  Dr. Moore and Nurse Joyce, however, make sure everyone has a speedy recovery.  (books available exclusively on Kindle worldwide) If you are sick and tired of reading dull books, consider “Misplaced Trust.”  It has intrigue, greed, family disputes and more. (book available on all popular e-book websites.)