Everyone loves storytelling. It is also very handy in business. It’s where ideas often come from.  Stop and think about it.  A person will be telling a story about an event or a problem they might be having.  They may go on and say they wish a certain type of product existed.  An idea is born and before you know it a new product.  What is amazing is that storytelling isn’t just about children and their antics.  Often CEO’s, entrepreneurs, teachers, lecturers, etc. are great at storytelling.  They are engaging and hold your interest.  It’s a pleasanter way to brainstorm then sitting in a room looking at one other and hoping someone has an idea.  It’s particularly helpful in the advertising business.  The late Steve Jobs was a master at storytelling.  He would present a product and weave it into how fabulous it was and why you and every other person in the world needed that product.  A good storyteller who has had difficulties, struggles, failures and hardships as well as successes, are ideal because everyone can relate to them.  We have all had our share of problems and success in life.  It’s nice to hear about someone else and how they succeeded.  Of course, the rags to riches stories are what everyone loves to hear.  It makes us all feel good and believe that there is hope for us in the future.  In the movie business, “Rocky” was a huge success because he was a failure and by beating Apollo Creed and finding love, his life became an instant success.  The proof is in all the sequels that were box office smashes.  If you have the ability to package your ideas into a story your success will be insured.  When you are storytelling don’t make it boring, don’t let your past define you, and always finish it with a happy ending.  The Good Gus series is storytelling from when Gus was young.  The series is available on Kindle exclusively worldwide.  If storytelling isn’t for you, consider reading “Misplaced Trust” which is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.