change signVision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds. Every once in a while we take a chance. It could be on a person, a job, or even a new way of life.  A friend of mine decided to take a chance on a new hire.  The woman is a single mom who had been abused by her husband physically, emotionally and financially.  She couldn’t land a job, but this woman thought if she had a break and was given a chance that it might help her not only with money but her self esteem.  The woman was smart to take a chance because the new hire really worked her first day and was successful.  There are many programs throughout the world where individuals who have lost everything possibly been homeless, recovering from an addiction, or in this case the woman who had been abused that just need that one person to take a leap and give them the chance they need to turn their lives around.  It’s not always easy to take a chance on a person because often they let you down.  They promise the moon and when they can’t deliver they quietly disappear.  When they drop back into your life, they pretend as if nothing happened.  Not everyone has dementia or Alzheimer’s.   One of the reasons gambling is a game of luck and chance is because that is exactly what it is.  The odds are stacked against the player.  Once in a while, however, they allow an individual to win so that they will encourage customers who believe they will be successful and win as well.  Individuals take a chance when they go on a blind date or even start a new relationship.  No one has any idea how things will turn out.  If it is positive then taking a chance was successful.  If not, their friends and family will never hear the end of it.  Although, when you think about it, what else is there?  If you don’t try things how will you know?  In the Good Gus Series, the Christmas book, “The Special Gift,” Ray takes a chance on Liam.  It is a wonderful holiday story and possibly a new traditional book for the season.  Don’t hesitate, take a chance on “Misplaced Trust.”  The book will excite you.