true-dreamstrue-horsestrue-meterThe word true is used in many ways and seems to have a variety of definitions. Did you know that the word is also defined for Biology, Navigation and Animal Husbandry?   Often people use the word as being true blue, in other words very loyal.  True is used in the old fashioned wedding vows.  Being true to another human being is very important.  It shows that a person has morals, ethics and values.  Being untrue for any reason, only shows weakness and a faulty character.  Giving excuses for not being true is even worse.  It is better to tell the truth and accept the consequences of one’s actions.  Sadly, many people don’t and that is why the divorce rate is high as well as the crime.  There are a number of individuals who feel that while being paid by a company for research and development, that if they discover a new product, cure, or technology, it should belong to them.  Often that is how industrial spying becomes so popular as people are greedy.  They are forgetting that they did all that work on company time and received compensation, benefits, probably holiday pay and more.  It is amazing how a person can justify their actions in these matters.  In many of the TV shows and movies, the character justifies his or her actions as if that somehow making it right.  If a company invests in an individual, they expect results.  It is their money, not the individual’s.  Another example is being true to oneself.  Time and time you see articles about following your passion, following your path, and figuring out who you are and what you want.  For many people, following their passion isn’t really an option.  They may have a family and their passion really doesn’t pay enough to support them.  It could also be so impractical that they cannot support themselves without living with their family and counting on them to simply survive.  Anyone fortunate enough to be able to follow their passion is very lucky.  In the Good Gus Series, being true comes in many forms in the stories.  As the Valentine decorations have been up since before the end of last year, now is the time to go on Kindle and find the books that would be great gifts for the young readers on your list.  If family pressure is getting to you, be true to yourself and read “Misplaced Trust” which is also available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several popular e-book websites.