unhappy-boyunhappy-circlelet-santa Many people are unhappy their entire lives. They settle starting when they are very young simply because it is easier.  There must be hundreds of self help books on how to stop being unhappy.  Each new one claiming to absolutely work.  Yet, they don’t and individuals continue to write about improving your life, finding true love and happiness.  It often starts when a person is young.  They are programmed into being unhappy because their family feels that way.  They learn not to enjoy positive events, expect more than they could possibly receive, feel they are entitled where others are not, and in some ways have an underlying demand or goals set that they don’t see.  All they see is continually being unhappy with everything in life. You may even know a person like this.  As a young child, a person’s friends can influence them if they have a close friendship.  Even if they come from a happy home, outside influences play a role in determining who we are as adults.  It is not always easy to shrug off negative influences.  It is better to walk away.  The same is true in a professional or personal relationship as an adult.  In the workplace, the unhappy workmate can make your life very difficult.  They bring their attitude into each day and if you have to work with them, your day is ruined as well.  Many individuals find it is easier to transfer within the company or obtain a different position with another company.  If they don’t, they end up bringing the negatively home and by the time it wears off, whatever family they are living with, have long since disappeared, if they are children, into their rooms or partner, decided to work-out, meet a few friends, or simply retire early to bed.  Anything to escape from the unhappy family member.  It is also true in marriage.  A person may marry an individual who appeared prior to saying, “I do,” to be upbeat and positive.  They may have claimed they had a happy childhood, love their job, etc.  Yet after a few months of wedded bliss, their true nature appears and before the other person knows it, they are stuck in an unhappy marriage.  It could be one of the reasons for the high divorce rate around the world.  In the Good Gus Series, no one is unhappy except Bad Bart, in book one, “Pecos Meets Bad Bart.”  However, Sheriff Gus does his best to change his attitude.  “The Special Gift” is literally flying off the shelves at the Marine Base, Miramar, in San Diego, California.  There is still plenty of time, however, to add this Christmas book for the young reader in your life by visiting Kindle worldwide.  If you have had a difficult day at work with an unhappy co-worker, sit back, relax, find an e-book website such as Kindle, Nook, Apple or any of the popular sites and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It will take the edge off of your day.