Have you been feeling slightly off lately and unwell? Are you attributing it to partying too much or lack of sleep? It could be those reasons and a few more.  It is difficult to resist all those adverts for fast food.  They are everywhere including the sides of buses, on trains and trolleys, the TV, radio and now in the United States on miniature screens at gas stations.  And if you are hungry, the ads are even more appealing.  However, fast food is not only making you feel unwell it can affect your skin.  Acne isn’t just for teenagers anymore.  It is now prevalent with adults as well.  If you try eliminating those appealing fries and shakes, you may be surprised at how well your skin looks.  It is also a sign of being unwell.  If caffeine is part of your daily routine try reducing or eliminating it.  It may be the reason you are sleeping poorly at night.  It is another sign of being unwell if you are on a decaf diet and still can’t sleep.  Lack of exercise and simply not burning off enough energy can also be a factor in your inability to sleep.  If your lips are chapped continuously, don’t rely on lip balm.  Instead, start taking vitamins.  It is a symptom of being unhealthy.  The same applies for your nails.  That is generally a symptom of a problem with your lungs and possibly your heart.  I once saw an article about a doctor who was watching a sports game when she noticed a player’s nails.  She immediately put in a call to the team manager and told him to take that person out until he had a medical exam.  It turned out he did have a problem with his heart.  The old saying “cold hands warm heart” doesn’t mean that you are in good health.  It is more likely that you have poor circulation and a possible cardiovascular issue.  Premature graying may be genetic.  My grandmother was gray at thirty-five.  It also could mean a B-12 deficiency or a sign of anemia.  If your memory is failing, check out your medications.  They could be giving you an unclear mind.  If alcohol is part of your daily routine and you are constantly itchy, have your liver checked out.  In the Good Gus series the only place to indulge a sweet tooth was Bob’s Sweet Shop.  The series is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you are feeling unwell and feel that a few of the symptoms I presented apply to you, make a doctor’s appointment and bring your tablet so you can read “Misplaced Trust” while you are waiting. It is available on these fine websites:  24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.