Happy Valentine’s to everyone around the globe! It is a great day for individuals to remember people they love. It doesn’t have to be about couples.  Many individuals believe that if they are alone on Valentine’s Day that their life is ruined or hopeless.  It’s just a day that has been commercialized for florists, confectioners, stuffed animal manufactures, and lingerie companies to really cash in and make huge profits.  It is also a big day for restaurants everywhere!  Even the ones that have been booked, couples who really forgot or want to go out end up at non romantic places just to celebrate.   Esther Howland, of Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1847,  became one of the first U.S. manufacturer of valentines. In 1868, Richard Cadbury invented the first candy box.  Obviously, they knew a good thing because today it is a multi-million dollar business for both candy and cards.  It also helps the Post as well.  The National Retail Federation estimates that U.S. consumers will spend $18.2 billion for the holiday.  That is a huge number.  Children, of course, love Valentine’s day as there are parties at school with candy, cards and a variety of treats.  The movie channels advertise heavily for Valentine’s Day movies.  All in all, profits all around.  Many of the readers of this blog  probably have wonderful memories of Valentine’s Day as children.  I always liked to give my children gifts with limited sweets.  Even for my granddaughter, she received coloring books, a reading book and a ballerina t-shirt.  She was elated!  The real Mary from the Good Gus series, was married on Valentine’s Day many years ago! Las Vegas is a premier destination for engaged couples on Valentine’s Day.  Many couples plan their wedding, including bachelor and bachelorette parties around this holiday.  The was no Valentine’s Day in the Good Gus Series.  The published books are available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you are having a rough day today, ignore it and read “Misplaced Trust” which is also available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several popular e-book websites.  I hope everyone had a good day!