waiting-at-bankwaiting-on-stairsWherever we go it seems we are always waiting. It doesn’t matter because almost everywhere we go there is a line for something.  It can be at a coffee shop, the bank, the post, or even in a doctor’s office.  Often medical facilities overbook and then everyone has to wait.  It is also true of airlines.  The lines to fly sometimes are very long.  In addition, the security everywhere, but particularly coming and going to the United States are huge.  The TSA  does their best to cut the waiting time, but often it is inevitably long.  When most people are waiting, they play with their phones.  What on earth did they ever do before phones with games, Facebook, the news, and email?  They may have actually spoken to the neighbors in line. It’s almost as if individuals have lost the art of conversation.  The world has social media, but where are the conversations to be nice, to pass the time of day, or to be friendly?  Almost everyone is in a hurry and hate the waiting.  We all so tired of the long lines but it is far more pleasant to simply say hello and even if you discuss the weather, it’s a few less minutes of boredom while waiting.  There are people who never make decisions in life because they keep hoping things will turn around, improve or they are waiting for something better to come along.  That is not always the case. In order to succeed and make your hopes and dreams become a reality, a person must act upon whatever they want.  To lounge about being ready, but not doing anything to make whatever they want to occur, they need to work at it rather than hope for it.  For example, the Good Gus Series and “Misplaced Trust” just didn’t happen.  I worked hard to place the books in libraries, stores, and online.  I even had a worldwide radio show for one and one half years. The whole object was that if I sat around waiting for a publisher, or an e-book website to notice the books, they wouldn’t be available online, at the Marine Base in San Diego, California or the libraries in Ireland.  People tend to become tense waiting for storms.  Even though they prepare, it is impossible to predict the outcome or possibly the damage that may occur.  In the Good Gus Series, there are storms, and other events that Sheriff Gus makes sure that everyone is prepared and not alone. (Books available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.) If you are waiting to read “Misplaced Trust” don’t as it is available now on all popular e-book websites.