work-hardwork-in-progressworks-steve-jobs What works in life can be simple or complicated. It all depends upon the situation.  Defining what works in our lives isn’t always easy.  Often a person may have a fabulous idea, but that is all it is until a plan goes into place.  Then finding out what works, particularly if it is a business plan, generally takes hard work.  For example, suppose you are a fabulous chef and want to open a restaurant.  There is the idea, but how do you know what it takes to make it a success.  After you formulate a business plan, then the next step is to obtain investors or a loan from a financial institution. Once you receive the backing, it literally becomes trial and error until you figure out what works the best to make your idea, which is your dream, into a success.  As people wander through life, many have figured out what is best for them.  Yet all individuals can’t achieve that goal.  They stumble about hoping to find an answer but don’t put enough effort into it to make it happen.  Thus, there are individuals who go from job to job, career to career, majors in college, and even relationships.  They can’t seem to find out what works best for them so they continue on doing the same things over again hoping they will get it right.  Einstein may have  said, (they aren’t 100% sure), ” The definition of insanity is  that if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.”  Sadly, many people continue doing the exact same thing and yet somehow expect that it will be completely different.  Then when it isn’t, they have a variety of excuses as to why they failed.  Look at career criminals.  They plan a crime such as a robbery fully expecting that they will never get caught.  Once they do, while they are spending time in jail waiting to be released, they are already planning the next heist.  The end results will be the same.  They won’t be rich stealing from someone and they will get caught.  Maybe they are nuts, who knows?  The citizens of Pecos, Texas in the Good Gus Series know what works and what doesn’t.  They learned and taught each other.  (books available exclusively on Kindle worldwide) “Misplaced Trust” may be the exact book to teach you about what works if you are fighting greed, family arguments, and theft.  (Available on all popular e-book websites)