curel man on phoneattitude changeseating Have you ever noticed that there are some work days that are far worse than others? For individuals who do not workweek-ends,  Mondays, the first day of the work week tends to generally have the most problems.  It’s almost as if customers or clients had the entire week-end to think about things and when Monday morning rolled around, they turned into upset, angry customers.  There was a song by the Bangles entitled “Manic Monday which just about sums it up.  What is disturbing is that the customers or clients feel the need to be rude, threaten,  and be unprofessional while a person is doing their best to help them solve their issue.  Take today, for example.  My friend, who works in a law firm, started off with a positive attitude.  By 10:00 a.m., her day had gone so far down hill, that she developed a headache.  A client had called in, stewing all week-end over a subject and he was furious when he rang in.  He took his anger and frustration out on her rather than address the problem in a reasonable way.  Later in the day he apologized but why couldn’t he have started out speaking in a pleasant tone?  The best part is that he completely misinterpreted something and he was clearly in the wrong.  There are work days for different individuals that are very difficult.  In the restaurant business, many offer Sunday brunch specials.  Many entities include free, live entertainment with low prices on Mimosas.  A friend of mine occasionally works the Sunday brunch that offers the low priced drinks along with the live, free entertainment.  He said it is a nightmare.  The customers are rude, they try to cheat on their bills, they lie about the number of drinks they have ordered, and in general have an attitude towards the servers that should be really checked.  It is impossible to understand why people feel that restaurants should give free items.  They are a profit making company like every other business and should not be treated as a free ride.  It’s the right thing to do and it is only fair to the owners or possibly stockholders.  Stop and think.  If these individuals were stockholders, do you really think they would behave that way?  You already know the answer.  In the Good Gus Series, almost every day were work days.  They were in the old west and raised cattle and grew crops to feed their families. (books available exclusively on Kindle worldwide) If you have terrible work days, take a moment and visit the popular e-book websites and read “Misplaced Trust.”  If anything, it will cheer you up.