appliancesproject-10012307volkswagen-beetle-2012-916-1mechanic If a person is going to do something it should be worth doing well. Many individuals agree to assist or do a specific job for a person and only put in half the effort.  There are times when we have to accept whatever assistance is available.  However, anyone asked should put the best effort forward.  For example, a parent may be asked to bring something to a school bake sale.  Rather than take the time to make a treat, they buy something at the store pre-made.  If they weren’t skilled in cooking, there are always mixes available at the grocery.  It gives the example to their children that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  Sadly, there are industries, literally around the globe who do not really believe in doing a good job.  A family member who lives in Ireland had a problem with her car.  She went to a mechanic who claimed many outrageous things and presented her with an extremely high estimate.  Her brother-in-law, who is a mechanic in the states, told her exactly what the problem was and what the price should be in Euros.  Rather than be fair and do a good job, the mechanic was going to cheat her and let her pay an exorbitant fee.  Until they were caught, many mechanics would make a repair on a vehicle and it appeared that the car would be running well.  Then, in about a month another part in the engine would suddenly break down.  Was it a coincidence?  Absolutely not.  They did a fabulous job on the car, but then they fooled with another part so that the car would break down and the owner would be forced to return for additional repairs.  Whatever they did was worth doing it’s just that they wanted to keep their money making scheme going.  It’s the same with appliances in your home.  If one breaks down, there is the service call fee, plus parts, plus the actual repair.  You have to evaluate if the job was worth doing or if you should purchase a new appliance.  Children need to be taught that anything they do should be worth doing well.  It is one of the subtle lessons in the Good Gus Series.  “Misplaced Trust” was a book well worth doing.  According to several people, it is an interesting book with good information along the way.