santa-claus558626_667068753304684_1245846486_n Small dreams can become big dreams.Many individuals have the desire to own their own business.  They start by boot strapping until their small dreams turn into the really big dream they wanted all along.  There is so much advice on the internet today about starting a business without lots of cash, that if someone has a few small dreams, they can do it slowly, part time, and build it into something wonderful.  Look at Bill Gates.  Microsoft was started in a garage.  It doesn’t take much just the vision and the desire to be successful.  There are individuals who do not think big.  For example, a person is working a job and just getting by.  Rather than go beyond their current position, they are satisfied with a lower income and a less affluent lifestyle.  It doesn’t mean that they can’t achieve it.  It’s simply they have small dreams rather than focus on the big picture and think beyond a weekly paycheck.  Many individuals feel that if they meet all their financial needs that is sufficient.  However, all the while in their brains they are really thinking of all their hopes and dreams that are not just working five or six days a week and only making it.   That is where their small dreams need to turn into higher hopes and bigger dreams.  When a person thinks about their life and how they want to live it, they often have many wishful thoughts.  It may be that they are looking for their ideal job or career, to travel, have freedom to work from a distance, or get married and start a family.  For many individuals, the daily work grind is not their ideal.  There are people who are fortunate to love what they do every day.  However, for the most part, work is all about getting by and trying to improve our lot in life. In the Good Gus Series many of the citizens had small dreams that turned into a wonderful life.  Nurse Joyce, who was an orphan, went to nursing school in the U.K. and had a dream of starting a new life in America.  Fortunately, Dr. Moore choose her and she made the long journey first by ship, then train and lastly by buckboard.  She started with  one small dream and through hard work and perseverance her biggest dream came true.  The Christmas decorations are everywhere.  Don’t miss out on “The Special Gift.” It could start a new Christmas Eve tradition with your family (available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.)  If family feuding, greed and money are getting away from you and your dreams, take a moment and read “Misplaced Trust” which is available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and sever popular e-book websites.