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It is not always easy for people to believe in themselves.  They may have struggled against poverty, a poor environment, lack of education, and living in a neighborhood controlled by gangs.  There are, however, many stories about individuals who beat the odds simply because they did believe in themselves.  Often there is so much peer pressure to act and behave a certain way for children and teens growing up, that it surrounds them with barriers that put a stop to having hope or believing that they can succeed.  Peer pressure plays a huge role in this because if a person is part of a group they feel wanted and are expected to follow the crowd even if the consequences are negative.  For example, a teen is pressured into smoking or drinking.  If they had a belief in themselves, they would walk away and say forget it.  However, many teens lack the confidence or willpower not to be part of a group and therefore, even though they know it is wrong, they will do it anyway.  Then if their parents find out, trouble ensues and they end up grounded, no computer or internet, no video games, and probably a lot of extra chores.  When children believe that they are strong they mature into adults who are confident and successful.  All of the children’s shows on Disney, PBS, and even many of the cartoon type newer programs try to instill a positive outlook for the viewers.  Look what happens when a person goes on an interview for a job.  If the individual has confidence and believes in themselves, their probability of landing the position is higher.  Human resource interviewers recognize that quality and prefer to hire people who feel good about themselves.  They believe that they will make cost effective, highly successful employees while at the company.  It also makes the interviewer look good in the eyes of management.  Often people think that if they just do one more thing, put off that holiday or vacation, that they will always have plenty of time to do whatever they want to do.  However, life can get in the way and illness could occur, they could lose their job, or any other reason you can think of.  It’s always better to think ahead but not too far and then accomplish your goals before it’s too late.  People frequently believe that they have all the time, but sadly it doesn’t always happen that way.  The characters of the children in the Good Gus Series had a strong belief in their abilities and themselves.  If you believe the heirs will suddenly stop being demanding, take a few minutes and visit and read “Misplaced Trust.” It will open your eyes.