desperate signgood choiceOften people wish they could have a do over. In the “Big Bang Theory” when Leonard walks in while Sheldon, Raj, and Howard are playing bowling on a video program, Howard wants a do over as he rolls a gutter ball.  Howard naturally makes fun of him and tells him its a game and no real bowling.  Howard wanted a do over because of his ethnicity.  Leonard ignored him and went about his way.  Often in life many people would like a do over.  They would like that chance to change things such as whom they married, their career choices, poor decisions and even if possible a new family.  It is, obviously, not possible.  What is possible is a do over to make changes in one’s life.  If you chose the wrong degree, or career, it takes work but you can change it with a few classes or additional training.  If its your physical appearance that needs a do over, most gyms are reasonably priced in most countries.  Obviously, there are very expensive gyms, but if you shop around you can usually find a good deal.  If you hate your job, then make a do over to a different company or better yet, start your own business part time.  Then, there is the choice you made for marriage or a life partner.  If you are absolutely miserable, maybe you should consider a do over and end the unhappiness.  Look at all the shows on the television where people cannot afford that gorgeous luxury home.  How do they solve their problem on a limited budget?  They buy a house that needs work and redo it.  It’s their version of a do over.  Often, they have their dream home, in their ideal neighborhood, at an affordable price.  There are people in relationships that decide rather than end it , they fix it with a do over.  They decide to let go of all the negative and start fresh.  It’s easier said than done, but it works for many people.  If you are thinking of a do over in your life, collect all the data for the pros and cons, and if it still looks good, go for it.   In the Good Gus Series, there are a few stories that are a do over.  The books give children the idea that if something isn’t right or they way they want, they have the opportunity to change it.  If your finances need a do over, check out the Money Manager at