masksannoyed on phonegiving upAs far back in history, many old books contained stories with a masquerade ball. The obvious purpose was to disguises oneself. It has been a theme in many Disney movies and several romantic type comedies. They are all happy movies that make the viewer feel good at the end. However, in real life, many of us have to perform a masquerade. It can be at work, with workmates, family, other relatives and even in various incidents in life. There are people that many of us work with that require us to masquerade as their so called friend, pleasant co-worker, or obliging employee. It is never easy but often it is necessary. Just recently a friend of mine was really upset because she works with two people who are real life bullies and make her life difficult. One of them will find her and speak to her when no one else is listening. He particularity likes to telephone her when she is around other people and cannot respond. He isn’t in the office on a daily basis, so if he is reprimanded for something, or is upset over his commission, he rings her. He does the usual raising of the voice, threats, innuendos, etc. She, of course, cannot respond appropriately as there are people around her. So she pretends that she agrees or asks him to call his manager to solve the issue. If the manager likes him, is questionable based on what she has told me. It appears that they both wear the masquerade to keep the peace. The second person does the same thing, except he is the owner of the company. He is rarely around so his actions take place primarily by email. She did tell me that yesterday was the final straw. She isn’t going to masquerade anymore and do a full court press for a new income.  Anyone who has to spend that much time pretending, really needs a new career path.  If you have a family member that is self-centered, arrogant, demanding, nasty, rude, etc. trying to masquerade for the sake of the rest of the family may be difficult or downright impossible.  Anyone who has this type of situation, certainly is unfortunate.  There are probably many families when you think about it that do masquerade their true feelings as they dislike their child’s choice in marriage or a partner.  There is not a single person in the Good Gus Series that has to masquerade how they feel about their family, friends or neighbors.  The stories give the young reader a sense of family, community, and true friendship.  If you feel you have to masquerade about your finance’s or the difficulties you are having as an executor for a will or trust, please visit maecharles  The answers may surprise you.