negotiating cat and dog Negotiating is something that is learned. You can be taught, but until you are actually in that situation, you may not know exactly how to achieve what you are seeking.  Today on CNBC, the hosts were discussing Putin and his negotiating tactics.  They said he was a strong negotiator.  He generally asks for everything and holds a hard line and negotiates eventually to what he really wants.  Many individuals feel that they have strong negotiating skills.  However, any good car salesman, promoter of goods can outdo them any time.  For example, if you have ever walked through any mall in any country, there are kiosks with people selling a variety of products.  The beautification sales people are the best.  They have really expensive products and they to test them on your face.  Then when you look much younger, more attractive, they give you the price.  They generally start at a very high price because most people, and particularly women are willing to pay it.  I saw this one time in the United States.  The man was offering her a product that really did make her wrinkles disappear, at least for the moment.  She willingly paid $175 USD or 197.75 Euros based on today’s rate.  That is quite a sum.  It could cover a week’s plus groceries, petrol in a vehicle, and possibly one or two small bills.  Yet, she paid happily thinking that she looked younger and very attractive.  Many car dealerships in the U.S. have no negotiating prices on their vehicles.  The prices are reasonable, but then when they start with the additional items, before you know it, you are paying much more than you ever anticipated.  It somehow came about as many people didn’t like negotiating.  It may have even been that they couldn’t hire individuals with good negotiating skills.  Another reason may have been that the prices were too high for even customers to consider looking at the cars on their lots.  In most relationships, negotiating is a key to its success.  For couples with children, they truly negotiate who will do what, attend which child’s events, and even right down to cooking dinner and chores.  If they do it in a fair way, everyone is happy.  In the Good Gus Series, negotiating was part of Sheriff Gus’s job.  He often asked for assistance from various citizens in the town when he had to travel as part of his duties.  He would negotiate with each individual and basically set a schedule.  As you administer a trust or living will, if the heirs are trying to use negotiating tactics to get more than their share, resist them.  Visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  You will learn many tips on how to handle the beneficiaries.  (books available on Kindle)