temp helptemporary Everything in life is temporary.  Little moments here and there are all just temporary.  The sayings “Grab the Gusto,” “Take a hold of life,” etc. are true.  If you don’t live in the moment, it is so temporary that it will disappear before you even have time to enjoy it.  Everyday for most of us, life goes on with the occasional curve ball.  Take yesterday, for example in Las Vegas.  A man who was stopped by the police for a traffic violation, ran and jumped off a bridge into oncoming traffic.  In a flash, everything changed for the individuals on the road,  The temperature was an unbearable 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 48.88 Celsius.  Vehicles were overheating, and there were numerous ambulances trying to drive through the grid lock while the freeway was closed down.  Many people collapsed from heat exhaustion.  One person took his life and wreaked havoc on hundreds of people.  Anyone going somewhere had their itinerary changed for the day.  Many individuals seek temporary work around the world.  It is readily available and most companies usually only need a person for a short period.  It has been also used as a method to try an individual out for a period, usually ninety days, to see if the company might hire them permanently.  When I ran my temporary contract engineering firm, I had one temporary electronic technician who worked at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey for nineteen years.  It is also an excellent way for any business to avoid paying for benefits and taxes on temporary employees.  As parents, we have our children in our lives on a  temporary basis until they grow up and move out.  The time passes so quickly that before we realize it, we are all older and they are starting families of their own.  Suddenly, we are grandparents.  Of course, they always need us in some capacity especially when they have a financial issue.  Then we are really important!  Most of the residents in the Good Gus Series were permanent.  The few individuals who passed through made interesting adventures for the citizens and particularly the children of Pecos.  Remember, administering a will or trust is only a temporary job.  Don’t let the duties and heirs overwhelm you.  Visit maecharlesbooks.com and read “Misplaced Trust.”  Then you will understand just how temporary it all is. (Books available on Kindle)